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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Permanent makeup aftercare products

Instructions and Help about Permanent makeup aftercare products

Hello everyone welcome all you beautiful people my name is Romeo Lacoste many of you guys might already know who I am but for those of you who don't I am a tattoo artist in Los Angeles California and welcome to my tattoo studio the California Dream tattoo anyways guys I am gonna be doing a video today which many many many of you guys have requested by popular demand I'm going to be doing the secure video now a lot of you guys have so many questions and that have asked me so many times what is the proper aftercare well in this video I'm going to be answering all of your many many questions and telling you the right and correct way to be taking care of your tattoo first and foremost I would like to say I am a trained professional I am a certified tattoo artist how long do you guys might know I've talked to tons of celebrities I've been on TV I've got a great reputation a very very popular tattoo artist but I would like to advise you that this is my method of taking care of a tattoo every tattoo artist has slightly different variations they might be different from one artist to the next also it is very important to note that different tattoos require different kinds of aftercare for example you might not take care of a portrait tattoo the same way you might align tattoo and a great tattoo the same a claw tattoo with that being said this is the word for word tattoo aftercare that I tell all of my customers you've just gotten your brand-new tattoo you're at the tattoo studio and have your tattoo what is gonna happen next my tattoo artists should wrap your tattoo now some artists like to use saran wrap a lot of artists you just like to use bandages and some artists nowadays use this thing called second skin which is a very clear in Thai airtight film that wraps around your tattoo and it doesn't allow any air to go through it's almost like a seal as I mentioned it gained this video different style of tattoos require different types of aftercare my style of tattooing is I do fine line black and white line work and dot work style tattoos for those kinds of tattoos it's not very traumatic to the skin and it doesn't chew the skin up very much it's not very damaging to the skin so in my opinion I use saran wrap because the skin doesn't need to be sealed for too long or too much I tell all of my customers leave the saran wrap on at least overnight the longer you leave your tattoo wrap the faster will heal and the brighter and more vibrant it will heal as well artists are finding out you know with more experience and as time goes on that the longer you leave a tattoo.


Would you be willing to give up all makeup products permanently?
Sure, I’m willing. But only for reasons that matter to me. I have given up wearing makeup for stretches of time in my life for the reasons that I didn’t have the time to apply it or felt like wearing it. But that was my choice that fit into my life.I don’t feel the need to prove that I can give up wearing makeup permanently. If it has benefit and I want to, then yes. Otherwise, no.
How long after I fill out a non provisional patent application, will my product be safe to market?
Never, but don't be afraid.By "safe" I assume that you mean a combination of your ability to make the product free of claims of infringement, your ability to exclude other from using it and your ability to prevent others from patenting the same thing.  I also assume that you are filing in the United States.  If not, this answer may not fit.Don't worry about copyists.It is true that people are free to make copies of your product today, tomorrow and every day in the future until the patent issues.  I think a supermajority of my clients worry that as soon as their idea escapes their lips everyone will start copying it.  Yet, that virtually never happens.  Why?If you sell your product widely (assuming it's unique and people want it) then you will sell at the highest price the market is willing to pay at the quantity which corresponds to the best per unit profit.  If someone else wants to come into the market the quantity will increase and the price will fall (that is the law of demand).  The second mover will have to consider whether it is profitable to sell at this new lower price, not whether it is profitable to sell at your monopolist price.  If this new price is below its cost curve, the second mover will not enter the marketplace.  Until an economy of scale is reached, no one will want to enter the marketplace."But what about really big companies," most clients who have never worked for a big company ask, "can't they make my product for much less than me?"  Yes, but they won't.  Here, the problem isn't variable cost, but rather that new products are only viable if they are able to cover their share of the massive overhead large companies have.  If the contribution margin is less than 40% (it probably is) they will pass.  Inventors often confuse copying with independent inventorship.  The former requires a transmission of your invention to the copyist, which the copyist then copies.  This is like a copy machine.  Independent inventorship occurs when two people are trying to solve the same problem at the same time.  It is still rare that this occurs, but it does happen.  In my last thousand cases I have seen one instance of copying and maybe half a dozen cases of independent inventorship.  This is not something to worry about.You can't do anything about infringementA patent is a right to exclude, not a right to make and use your invention.  If a portion of your device is covered by another patent, you may be infringing that patent even though you have a patent on your own device.Let's say you  have a patent on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and that you are going to a patent infringement picnic.  You see the following:A peanut butter sandwich - no jelly no infringement.A peanut butter, jelly and ice cream sandwich - you find this impressive, and you speak to the assignee to learn that it has patent on this sandwich.  Nonetheless, it still infringes because there is peanut butter, jelly and sandwich.Filing and publishing your application with thwart a subsequent or simultaneous inventorA patent requires novelty and non-obvious over that which currently exists.  Novelty means that you cannot patent something that is available to the public.  Non-obvious prevents you from patenting something that is not available to the public but the public could figure out how to make your product given what is available and the skill in your field.Publishing your application creates a searchable prior art reference for a patent examiner to easily reject a later filed application.  Of course, the sales I advised you to make above could do the same thing, but the patent examiner may not have access to those and you might have a situation where the subsequent filer gets a patent that is not enforceable.Publication carries risk as well (most notably making life easier for copyists).  To figure out the best system to handle these risks requires a much more detailed assessment of your business.  If you PM me I can try to help you.
What CIC application must my mom fill out to resume permanent residency in canada?
It's not very clear from the question whether your mother has received her Permanent Resident status.If your mom is a Permanent Resident and had never rescinded her status or had her status removed, she will need to apply in the Canadian consulate for what's called a "Travel Document".Since your mom became a PR and left Canada before IRPA was passed in 2022. I am not sure how and if, he old rules would apply. But generally, any day a Permanent Resident spends outside of Canada accompanying a Canadian citizen spouse, counts as a day of physical residence in Canada for the context of meeting the requirements to maintain status (but not countable towards citizenship).Alternatively, and if your family doesn't intend to move back to Canada soon, she can request to give up her PR status, apply for a visa, and not have to deal with the Travel Document.
How does it feel to have permanent makeup done?
It depends on which part of the face/body you’re talking about. I can give you some feedback on my own personal experience. It hurts!I have a freckle on my lip area that I decided to have colored in with permanent makeup. A friend of mine does permanent makeup for a living and one night we decided to try it on me. Uh yeah, it hurts quite a bit!!It’s the same procedure as a regular tatoo. They poke a hole in your skin with a needle and then fill the hole in with a color. The lip area is more sensitive than I expected. OUCH! It was fun but I wouldn’t make it a regular in my routine. Something permanent doesn’t sit too well with me, but that’s just me:) Hope this helps.
Can we use a permanent marker to fill out the OMR bubbles in the NEET?
It seems you are giving NEET for the first timeYou are not allowed to take in anythingPen is provided by the conducting team only.
Product development - How do we reach developers to fill out a survey?
Are you able to build a feedback loop into a trial/demo version and offer the demo to the market to try out?
I’m shipping my product to Canada. How do I fill out a NAFTA Certificate of Origin? Are there other documents to be filled out?
Your shipment may need a NAFTA Certificate of Origin and a Shipper’s Export Declaration. To learn more about export documentation, please visit Export.gov to learn more.The U.S. Commercial Service’s Trade Information Center or the trade specialists at your local Export Assistance Center can also help answer these questions. Call 1-800-USA-TRAD(E) or find your local Export Assistance Center.International Trade Law includes the appropriate rules and customs for handling trade between countries. However, it is also used in legal writings as trade between private sectors, which is not right.This branch of law is now an independent field of study as most governments has become part of the world trade, as members of the World Trade Organization (WTO).Since the transaction between private sectors of different countries is an important part of the WTO activities, this latter branch of law is now a very important part of the academic works and is under study in many universities across the world.
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