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How to complete any Consent to Application of Permanent Makeup Procedure online:

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Microblading consent form in spanish

Instructions and Help about Microblading consent form in spanish

Can't stop but I wanna stop thinking about you I took a hit hello guys and welcome to my channel if you're new my name is Minnetonka and today we are going to talk about the brows I had a lot of questions on my Instagram page about brows and especially I was in Paris last week or the week before I'm lost but anyway a few weeks ago I was in Paris for the fashion week with L'Oreal and I met the sweetest person I ever met in my life I'm sure everyone knows who she's on YouTube her name is Kristen Dominic and I fell in love with that girl like she is the sweetest thing in the world and we like connected immediately but the thing is that you can see how comfortable I was with her show me for my brows like coming off we were talking about beauty products and everything and she was like oh I love your brows and I was like yeah I took off my makeup a little bit on my brow it was like she encouraged me to film it and I was like I can't like show how it looks like this brow is he's not there but then I was like whatever like I'm sure a lot of people are having brown shoes I can't be the only one and if this technique can help some people I will be like super proud of myself I had a broader - that looked correctly it wasn't crazy it was like just adding a little bit of old next to my brows the problem was that after a few months maybe a year it started looking finish it like it was pink you could like really see the pink color showing through my brows so I went to a doctor who was supposed to do some laser or something like that to take that off and I lost most of my hair especially on this brow because I guess the pigment was stronger or I don't know like from here to here I don't have any hairs like nothing oh and the worst part is that on this side more than on this side I still have a lot of pink left yeah my browser a mess like that was a kind of war in there some hair survived it but not a lot my bra are not perfect I'm not completely symmetrical and that's okay the thing here is to make your brows look like actual brows not like perfect magazine brows that's not the point in my video you can take me like for from 5 to 7 minutes to do my brows completely the morning so I guess it's a technique that's yeah today I'm going to show you first how to make the perfect brush to draw on fake hairs here we go here's the brush and I really hope that you will be able.

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