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Phibrows consultation Form: What You Should Know

PDF to save before starting any procedure, so they have everything you need for your pre-authorization procedure. Please write exactly what you have to do by the date you pick. 1. Unibrows trouncing procedure — Login | involve.me You must be at least 18 years and 4 months old. 2. What happened? 2:1. Did you get a result? 3. How do you feel about your results? 3. Does this look like a real brow? 4. What do you think about your results so far? 4. Does your brows look natural, natural, natural or unnatural (the color is different, not the shape, please, no “I'm natural, just the way I am, blah blah blah!”) 5. What do you want to happen next? (You should discuss this with your lawyer, who will do most of the work for you.) 5. Did the results look real? 6. Do you feel confident? 7. If you want to get even a thinner line, what color should you choose? 8. Did you get brows with the brow hairs growing out the sides or the tips of your eyebrows? If so, do you want to make that happen? (If you wanted to make it happen, which would you prefer? If you only decided, “Well, then no big deal; what else can I try,” don't worry about it. Just give them what they ask, and trust them to choose the best method.) 9. Is the color of your brows changing? 10. Are there any scars, marks, wrinkles, or other blemishes? 11. Do you want to try this again next time? 12. Does this look natural? Or do you want to make it more natural with different brow hairs? 12. If you have to wax or put an eyebrow filling, is it something you like? 13. How do you feel about the color of your brows as they are now? 14. Is the color of your brows changing? 15. Do you want to try this again next time? 16. Will you be doing the rest of your facial hair? 17. You have some time. You could spend it writing this down and getting ready. If you want to do it another time, you can have them create a pre-purchase.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Phibrows consultation form

Instructions and Help about Phibrows consultation form

So, I'm about to do my microblading. Here's my before and hopefully Lindsey can turn these weeds into beautiful flowers. That is Lindsay at her salon Linds in. I'll show you guys some more here shortly. Alright guys, how did my brows look? So, as you can tell, this one sits naturally higher than this one. This is my good brow, this is my eyebrow, and Lindsey's gonna make them sub-perfect and be a puff. All you're worried about is pain on a scale of one to ten, ten being like contractions right before you deliver. I would say this is like a - like when she just plucked my brows, that hurt way more than this. So yeah, there she goes, she's making her little individual strokes right now. The pain level towards them and all the route is more like a 5 out of 10, like a pluck. So, it's similar to plucking the eyebrow, not that bad. If you think it hurts, then you're okay. Now I'm doing a mask and just rubbing it all over strokes. So, are my brows gonna be this dark, Lindsay? Yeah, yeah, so she just rocked wiped it off, that's round one. Now she's gonna do it again. That is sexy Lindsay, go for it. Are you gonna wipe it off around 2:00? Alright, so Lindsay has done this process on this brow, I don't know, like eight to ten times. Alright, so let's do the reveal. Whoa, you see that? Pretty, so that was Lindsay's first time stroking this side and I felt like I had to sneeze the entire time, it was very unsatisfying. Be more intense today and tomorrow, they will lighten up. I'm on the third day so they're gonna be a little dark, but then they...