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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Permanent makeup lips healing

Instructions and Help about Permanent makeup lips healing

Music hi guys welcome to quick tips although today's video will be short sweet and the point today's quick tips topic is good as anything but that's right guys we are talking about cultures I know what you're thinking it's gross yes this is an issue that nobody likes to talk about as it's double and weird as bad for business but here we are so let's talk about the elephant in the room of every premiere makeup salon keeping yourself and your client in front ahead of time will help keep stressful situation and freak out and they of course we all know that it's hard to talk about that I do psychic procedures but keeping your client in the dark is the last thing you want to do it's much easier to talk about an issue before it happens and preparing them in case it happens then having them not know what's going on or why leaving them angry and satisfied with your work I'm going to show you something now that my scary but imagine how I am doing feel look in the mirror and seeing this instead of beautiful lips now I'm going to tell you something at my short trip this is my client and I did this procedure cause of flare-ups can literally happen to any client of any artist even me it's by no means the sign of poor quality work or incorrect technique it's because we are administering an invasive and intensive procedure to a part of the body which is only used to being tenderly kiss the skin is simply being irritated and in shock like you when you saw the first picture Music many times we think we know everything but read my lips now tulips are the same just because one does it worked for one client doesn't mean that it will work for them all this is why as professionals we need to let the medication and the doctor inform our clients about what we work best for them remember that if anything goes wrong after a medication or those that you recommend it you will be liable this is why it's always safer to tell your client to contact a doctor directly or to use the exact dosage listed on the medication as some of them don't need a prescription what lightly and gently can reduce the risk of a flare-up but it's not guaranteed by any means so in case your client begins to feel an itching or burning sensation on the ellipse you need to professionally handle it to do so keep calm and stick to facts tell them to stick to the dosage provided by the doctor or on the leaflet with the medication assure them that closer flare-ups are temporary most importantly make yourself available to them if they have any questions or concerns this way they either come to you or they doctor instead of reading horror stories and finding half-life.


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