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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Phibrows vs microblading

Instructions and Help about Phibrows vs microblading

As you all already know pigments can be classified into synthetic and iron oxide pigments these are the most common pigments used in permanent makeup was also well known is that all brown shades consist of yellow black and red the first difference between iron oxide and synthetic pigments is different stability of these colors this means that after a while some colors disappear faster while some are more stable and are retained for a longer period of time here we can see that with iron oxide and synthetic pigments yellow disappears the fastest it disappears and fades equally with both on the other one with red color we can see the difference with iron oxide pigments red is the most stable color and lasts the longest whereas with synthetic pigments black is the most stable one and lasts the longest both of these pigments have some good and bad features with iron oxide pigments bread is both a positive and a negative feature for example its stability why is this good a positive feature of red is that it gives the warmth at the very beginning for the next few months and the negative one is that red will be retained much longer than the other colors which will make the eyebrows reddish one day another bad thing is the presence of heavy metals in quantities that are not allowed for example a higher than prescribed by resep and of course a negative feature of iron oxide pigments is that they are magnetized when it comes to synthetic pigments the synthetic pigments we've been using for the past year also have their good and bad sides with synthetic pigments black has its positive and negative roles a negative role is that the eyebrows for example their color cannot look warm from the beginning however a positive role of stable black is that the eyebrows won't become reddish after a year or a year and a half another positive side of synthetic pigments is the absence of heavy metals and the fact that they are not magnetized what also makes a big difference between these two pigments is their specific weight iron oxide pigments are much heavier and that makes their application into the skin much easier on the other hand synthetic pigments are very light they even float on water surface and they are due to their low specific weight quite difficult to apply into the skin and it takes a lot of time in a specific technique to apply a synthetic pigment our main idea was the combined iron oxide and synthetic pigments and to take what's best for both positive features of synthetic pigments and positive features of iron oxides so in our new su P formula we used red iron oxide pigment and yellow and black remained synthetic pigments what did we get the result is a pigment that has no negative or bad features we actually have a very stable black a very stable.

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