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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Eye infection after permanent eyeliner

Instructions and Help about Eye infection after permanent eyeliner

Hey guys it's Annie and first I want to point out that I've just kind of given up on styling my hair because I want to be my authentic self and my authentic self does not feel like doing her hair all the time so like this this is it this is me anyway so for today's video I am following up on my permanent eyeliner that I had done a little over a month ago so I shared a video with you guys where I got my brows and liner done it has the entire procedure if you did not see that video you can go check it out I will talk a little bit about the procedure itself today so I already posted my results on my eyebrows but this video is the results on my liner first of all I want to give a shout out to DA Risha priest she is who did my permanent makeup she is honestly the best of the best not only is she the best at doing permanent makeup but she teaches her techniques all around the world not only does she teach the procedures and techniques she also accepts clients of her own so if you're in the LA area and want to get some permanent makeup dharia is your go-to girl I will link all of her information down below of course like I said she travels but her office in LA is in Beverly Hills they'll go check her out so I have to start out by saying that permanent eyeliner is probably one of my favorite things I've ever received or had done or but I didn't actually buy it I actually got this gifted she did these procedures for me for free and in return I am making these videos on the experience but I like seriously this eyeliner is one of my favorite things I've gotten I am like an eyeliner girl that is like my go to must-have makeup and the fact that I just have it and it's there all the time I feel great a lot of the time since I do have my brows and my liner done all I'll do is maybe put like so you can see there a little bit of foundation some highlight just like bare minimum and I'm good to go of course I do still get like glammed up kind of I guess glammed up I don't really do glam but I will do full makeup sometimes if it's like an occasion but on a day to day basis I really don't have to do much anymore and I feel great about it like I love waking up with my liner like it is the best thing not to mention it's not super EXTREME or anything so it looks good and natural and I just look like a real natural beauty now so for the procedure before actually tattooing she draws out the shape.


How long does it take to heal from permanent eyeliner?
A normal eyeliner takes about three to four days to heal. Thicker eyeliner may take about seven to ten days. I hope this help[1]Footnotes[1] BusTrendzNG
Is it possible to fill in your brows with eyeliner or mascara without coming out lopsided and crazy looking? What is the secret?
Using the correct product is the secret to good looking brows and that means brow powder or brow pencil most bnb often. Mascara is totally inappropriate for filling in brows. An eyeliner pencil is typically softer than a brow pencil, but with a very light hand it can be used on brows. It helps to have a spoolie brush or another small brow brush to go over the brow to further soften the look of the filled loin shape.
How soon after a corneal infection can I begin to wear eye makeup again?
To add to Dr. Glazier's answer,Corneal infections are serious and can cause sight threatening scars.The cause of the corneal infection is significant. Understanding the cause of your infection will help you understand the advice given.Normally, the corneal heals completely within 24-72 hours. Your eye doctor will advise when you should resume any activity such as makeup.Makeup rarely is the cause of serious corneal infections unless you injure yourself with the brush or accidentally leave residue in the eyeLastly, all eye doctors will advise their patients about resuming normal activities. Calling back the eye doctor will usually elicit the time to return to safe habits.
How potentially dangerous are all the new forms of "permanent eye makeup" such as tattooed eyeliner, tattoed eyelashes, and eyelash extensions?
The safety of getting permanent makeup depends on the technician doing it. The best ones work in Plastic Surgery and Dermatology centers because they have physicians overseeing them. Allergy testing to the ink should be done prior to the procedure to decrease the risk of a reaction. The worse thing that can happen with eyelash extensions is damage to your natural lashes or rarely, a reaction to the adhesive used to apply them.
Can you cut an eyeliner pencil in half and resharpen it to get more use out of it instead of discarding it at 6 months for infection control safety?
As long as you're sharpening your pencil after every use, you should be fine. No need to cut it in half• that's new to me, never heard that one. Liquid makeup tends to have less of a shelf life than a pencil. I have lip liners and eye liner pencils that I've had for over 10 years and they’re still perfectly fine. I just sharpen them after each use and don't let anyone borrow them. Hope this helps!
Is it hard to learn how to do a cat eye with liquid eyeliner?
“Is it hard to learn how to do a cat eye with liquid eyeliner?”Thank you for the A2A, Kay Tee!A liquid eyeliner, especially one with a brush tip, is more difficult to control than, let’s say, an eyeliner pencil.However, there are a couple of tricks that can make the learning process a bit easier.First, while you’re still learning, use an eyeliner pencil to “sketch out” the flick. Pencil is easier to correct with a Q-tip (“cotton bud”) if you make a mistake. Once you get it perfect, you can trace over it with the liquid liner.Second, the flick should be a continuation of an (invisible) lining of your lower eyelid, instead of an extension of your upper lid. If you create the flick as a continuation of your lower lid, the angle will be perfect AND both eyes will be even:So, when you’re learning, draw the bottom line of the flick with a pencil as a continuation of your lower lid, as shown in green, above.Then, using the same pencil, connect the tip of the “flick line” to your upper lid, as below (also in green):Once you have drawn in these guidelines, THEN trace over them and fill them in with your liquid liner.Photo credit: How to Do Winged Eyeliner
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