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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Eye infection after permanent eyeliner

Instructions and Help about Eye infection after permanent eyeliner

Hey guys it's Annie and first I want to point out that I've just kind of given up on styling my hair because I want to be my authentic self and my authentic self does not feel like doing her hair all the time so like this this is it this is me anyway so for today's video I am following up on my permanent eyeliner that I had done a little over a month ago so I shared a video with you guys where I got my brows and liner done it has the entire procedure if you did not see that video you can go check it out I will talk a little bit about the procedure itself today so I already posted my results on my eyebrows but this video is the results on my liner first of all I want to give a shout out to DA Risha priest she is who did my permanent makeup she is honestly the best of the best not only is she the best at doing permanent makeup but she teaches her techniques all around the world not only does she teach the procedures and techniques she also accepts clients of her own so if you're in the LA area and want to get some permanent makeup dharia is your go-to girl I will link all of her information down below of course like I said she travels but her office in LA is in Beverly Hills they'll go check her out so I have to start out by saying that permanent eyeliner is probably one of my favorite things I've ever received or had done or but I didn't actually buy it I actually got this gifted she did these procedures for me for free and in return I am making these videos on the experience but I like seriously this eyeliner is one of my favorite things I've gotten I am like an eyeliner girl that is like my go to must-have makeup and the fact that I just have it and it's there all the time I feel great a lot of the time since I do have my brows and my liner done all I'll do is maybe put like so you can see there a little bit of foundation some highlight just like bare minimum and I'm good to go of course I do still get like glammed up kind of I guess glammed up I don't really do glam but I will do full makeup sometimes if it's like an occasion but on a day to day basis I really don't have to do much anymore and I feel great about it like I love waking up with my liner like it is the best thing not to mention it's not super EXTREME or anything so it looks good and natural and I just look like a real natural beauty now so for the procedure before actually tattooing she draws out the shape.


How long does it take for permanent eye liner to heal?
Healing from a permanent eyeliner treatment is different for each person. The complete healing process takes about 3-6 weeks. The common ground is how the procedure is the most lenient and uncomplicated treatment ever to manage.
How swollen are eyes after permanent eyeliner?
The eyes will be swollen and sore, like you have been crying, with a heavier eye makeup look. For the first 3-4 days, the color is darker than it will appear when healed. The eyelids are swollen for a few hours after waking up, and your makeup will still look heavy. Swelling decreases but is not gone entirely.
Can you be allergic to permanent eyeliner?
Conclusions. An allergic granulomatous reaction is one of the adverse reactions seen after permanent eyeliner tattoo. Treatment can be challenging and may ultimately require excision of tattoo pigment to remove the inciting factor.
Can you have an allergic reaction to permanent makeup?
Although rare, some people have experienced allergic reactions to certain tattoo ink pigments. The symptoms of an allergic reaction may include an itchy rash and swelling. Disappointment. Tattooing anything permanent on your face is somewhat risky.
How do you treat an eye infection after permanent eyeliner?
If there is any swelling, apply an ice pack to the area for 15 minute sessions. Do not put ice directly on the eyes. 2. Apply recommended ointment gently with a cotton swab 3 to 5 times a day for at least 1 week.
Who should not get permanent eyeliner?
Eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, psoriasis or any one of these skin conditions may compromise the surface and texture of the skin. Procedure performed on skin with these type of condition may have sub par results.
What are the side effects of permanent eyeliner?
As with other types of tattoos, a variety of adverse effects have been observed with permanent makeup, such as fanning, fading, and scarring;3 granulomatous inflammatory reactions;4 allergic contact dermatitis;5 phototoxicity;6 hypomelanosis;7 and infections.
What can go wrong with permanent eyeliner?
But problems with permanent makeup can literally run more than skin deep. According to both Consumer Reports and the Food and Drug Administration, complications can include infection, allergic reactions, and development of growths such as granulomas and even keloids.
How long does it take for permanent eyeliner to heal?
Healing from a permanent eyeliner treatment is different for each person. The complete healing process takes about 3-6 weeks. The common ground is how the procedure is the most lenient and uncomplicated treatment ever to manage.
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