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Microblading Waiver Form: What You Should Know

Cleaning, Moisturizing, Revitalizing and Increasing Eyebrows, it is not completely without risks of serious injury and death.  I believe that everyone has the right  to opt out of my services if they so choose. If you do not agree to this waiver, please call, email, or stop by to see my office anytime. —  I am an independent hair stylist and offer a number of hair-styles including:  • Faux hawk/hawk-tails • Hippies, buns and bunting • Shaping men • Short hairstyles • Full-length hairstyles • Wigs • Artificial hair  Customizable Microwaving Waiver and Consent Form Customizable Microwaving Waiver and Consent Form FREE Download on PC, iPad, iPad or Mobile. The Free Download may be printed from PC, iPad, iPad or Mobile at home, work or anywhere: PC: Adobe Acrobat Reader or PDF, iPad: Adobe Acrobat Reader or PDF, iPad or Mobile: Open Office, Google Docs.  To view, print/save, or print/save from your computer, you must have Acrobat Reader or Acrobat for iPad Reader installed on your computer.  Acrobat Reader is not a Microsoft product. The FREE download is available for: Personal use of your computer only — Do not send/send electronically to anyone To use the free download, you must be logged in at all times by the person who paid the fee. The FREE download may be saved to your computer hard drive or can be downloaded to your computer hard drive and stored there for a long-term storage. To download, all you need to do is delete any files you may have saved on your computer.  To transfer the files, all you need to do is open the free download on your computer or device and move/copy/paste the free download onto the free download that was emailed to you.  The downloadable FREE download includes: 1. Eyebrow CLIENT FORM (for clients with a few/no eyebrows) 2. PREP procedure form 3. Custom pre-procedure form for clients with more eyebrows. 4. Instructions for the pre-treatment and post-treatment procedure. 5. Glossary of terms and terms of use. 6. Glossary of terms of use — Waiver (required) 7.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Microblading Waiver

Instructions and Help about Microblading Waiver

Music good morning. I am on my way to my second appointment for microblading. So, I talked about it a little bit in my "get ready with me" video. Why is there a bus? It is 11:30 p.m. and there's a bus right in front of me. Looks like I'm gonna be stuck behind it. Anyway, I mentioned how I had gotten my eyebrows microbladed probably about five weeks ago. I knew I had to go back for a second appointment, so I asked you guys if you wanted me to bring the vlog camera and you seemed to want to see how it's done. I really didn't know much about microblading. I get my hair done from one of my friends named Lindsey. We were somehow talking about it during one of our visits. She mentioned something about microblading and told me about this lady she knew in the area who is booked for like two years because she is so good. I asked to see her Instagram page and when I saw it, I was like, "Wow, this is ridiculous." I thought microblading was like getting a tattoo, and I've never been a fan of something permanent tattooed on my face because trends change and eyebrows change. Now, I am actually on my way to get my eyebrows microbladed for the second time. They said it could take three times, so you go about five weeks apart and it's supposed to last for about a year. The first treatment lasted pretty well, but not completely. So, I'm excited for the second appointment to fix all the little spots that weren't filled in. About five to six weeks ago, I got the first treatment done and at first, they were super dark and a little bit uneven. My brows are always...